Taikes Waterproof Laptop Backpack

If you are looking for a bag that lets you take your laptop out safely no matter what the weather, you might want to check out the Taikes Waterproof Laptop Backpack which is specially designed to allow you to take your laptop wherever you want to go. With a stylish, compact design that allows you plenty of space to store your laptop and any other accessories that you may need but is still small enough to allow you to do whatever you want without being restricted, even ride your bike or go for a run.

The unique Ulti-panel airflow design helps to provide plenty of comfort with extra padding where it is needed and an excellent shoulder strap system created to give maximum back support, along with specially contoured straps help make this bag be comfortable to use no matter how far you may be going that day. Designed with strength and comfort in mind this bag is perfect for you if you need to regularly take your laptop out and have to carry it for any length of time, and as it is totally waterproof you can be sure that no matter the whether your laptop will stay nice and dry.

This bag has been made of top quality durable nylon and also features a water resistant case bottom and heavy duty metal zips so you can be sure that it will be able to keep the water out, non slip pads for the shoulders will help stop the bag from slipping and keep it securely where it belongs, and helps to spread the load evenly to help prevent damage to your back, while the swivel clip provided stops the straps from twisting and digging into your shoulders. With dimensions’ of 50x36x17 cm there is plenty of space to store most types of laptop and the padded zippered compartment at the front of the bag is perfect for storing anything that may need a little extra protection.

Even including a water bottle pocket, the Taikes Waterproof Laptop Backpack has all the features that you would require if you are often out and about with your laptop, the extra padding helps to keep everything safe, it’s totally waterproof and designed to be comfortable and convenient to carry. At a great value price and manufactured using high quality materials this bag is excellent value and likely to last you for years to come.

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