Sony SRSHG1 H.Ear Go

The Sony SRGHG1 is well worth checking out if you are considering purchasing a portable speaker, whether you want it to take out with your friends, use it round the house while you are cleaning or doing DIY or to take to work you can be sure that with its extended playtime it isn’t likely to let you down when you need it. With high resolution sound and a whole range of other useful features this portable speaker could be the only one that you will ever need. Available in a range of colours and created using a stylish slimline design the Sony SRGHG1 looks great as well as providing great sounds.

Fully compatible with song pal, the app that allows you full control over your music collection this speaker lets you really make the most of all your favourite songs not matter whether they are stored on your pc server or favourite online music service you will be able to access them all and play your chosen playlists seamlessly for as long as you like. You can also use this app to alter the sound settings so you music sounds great and evenly balanced regardless of where you may be playing them or what type of music you are playing that day.

With extra bass technology to ensure that no matter how heavy the bass-line might be it still sounds great and high resolution audio so every spate sound can be heard clearly, this speaker has been created with sound quality in mind, and the NFC and Bluetooth technology means that it is simple to connect to any device in no time at all, and if you want to have a real party you can even connect wirelessly to other speakers and create your very own surround sound, even using multi-room streaming.

The Sony SRGHG1 gives you up to twelve hours of battery life and has a compact design for easy transporting, you can easily slip it into your bag with your Smartphone and take it anywhere you want without having to compromise on the quality of sound or connection that you receive, and with a great non stable design you won’t have to worry about it falling over or being in the way if you are low on space. Compatible with most Smartphone’s, tables and home pcs the Sony SRGHG1 really offers flexibility and ease of use for a really good value price.

iHome iPL10 Dual Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio with Lightning Dock.
The iHome iPL10 is a really useful device, especially if you are short on space. Not only is it a clock radio but it also acts as a docking station for your iPhone 5/5S iPhone 5th or 7th generation iPod nano enabling you to charge your device and also listen to music that is stored on it, it also contains a USB port for charging iOS and other devices. Made using a stylish compact design that clearly displays the time for you the iHome iPL10 not only looks good it also helps you make effective use of the space that you have.

Complete with built in EXB audio enhancement the iPL10 offers excellent sound quality for such a small device so you can be sure to enjoy all your favourite songs without any distortion, while the speakers created using Reason8 sealed speaker chambers give excellent depth and clarity to your music no matter how heavy the bass. With the option to pre-programme for gradual wake or sleep you can listen your music at a comfortable volume no matter what the time of day or night, quickly and easily making it a practical and usual alarm clock regardless of your lifestyle.

With the choice to wake to the radio or your own playlist from your iphone or ipod , or if you are a heavy sleeper a more conventional buzzer, and a range of snooze and preset functions you can be sure that this alarm clock will definitely wake you up. You can also adjust the brightness of the clock to make it more suited to your needs and sync the time with your iphone, ipod or other paired device. With a 100v-240v universal voltage Ac adaptor you are able to plug the iHome iPL10 in to the mains or you can also rely on the battery backup if you are away from home.

With such a flexible range of functions and great quality sound the iHome PL10 Dual charging stereo FM clock radio with lightning dock is an excellent choice if you are looking for a good quality device that can perform more than one function, being able to listen to all your music, charge your device and know the time from one small object can save you alot of space and also stop you plugs form becoming overloaded. This makes the iHome PL10 a practical and great value product for anyone trying to make the most of the space that they have.

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